Individual Therapy

Although I have training in many different psychological theories, my main approach to psychotherapy focuses on the relationship between therapist and client. Decades of clinical research indicates this relationship is the most single most important factor in psychotherapy. It provides a foundation for clients to experiment with new ways of relating to others and themselves, to consider alternative perspectives, or simply space to be themselves.

There are some cases in which it is clear within the first few sessions that you are dealing with a specific problem that can be resolved with just a few meetings. Whether you are struggling to make a difficult decision, deciding whether to move across the country, or making plans for an aging parent, short-term counseling can be immensely helpful. In these cases, five to fifteen sessions is often enough to resolve the problem that brought you to counseling.

In other cases, the problem is more involved and has been troubling you for some time. Perhaps the problem is bringing up a conflict from your early childhood or resonating with a past trauma or unresolved loss. Maybe you’ve been feeling depressed or anxious for a few months. To explore and resolve these situations, short-term psychotherapy with once or twice weekly meetings for several months may be the treatment of choice.