Couples Therapy

Are you having difficulty communicating without fighting? Has it been hard finding the right balance of togetherness and separateness? Is your sex life not what it used to be? Are you struggling with jealousy and trust or repeatedly find yourself discussing a past betrayal? In these situations and many others, couples therapy can be helpful.

Intimate relationships not only demand honesty and self-examination, they also inevitably bring forth unresolved issues from our families of origin. With couples, I facilitate productive conversations and conflict resolution by helping to resolve emotional wounds and encouraging the development of the skills necessary for satisfying and enriching relationships. In addition, I help couples to understand how their relationship has been shaped by each partner’s childhood experiences. With this understanding, couples often gain an increased sense of mastery and effectiveness in their relationship.

For some issues, a few sessions are enough. Other times, a longer commitment to psychotherapy is required. In most cases, I meet with couples once weekly. Depending on your particular problems and situation, we may agree to meet more or less often. Regardless, couples therapy can provide you with a safe space to discuss the difficulties in your couple and to develop hope as your relationship moves forward.